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        1. GoodnewsEverybody.comMusic: Country

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          Yee haw! This is my first response to country music. I started to appreciated this genre of music when I went to the rural college town of Morris, MN. Their main station-KKOK played this type of music 24/7! I began to listen to the lyrics of some of the music and really started to like it more.

          One of my favorite first country CD's I ever got was Alan Jackson. I listened to one of his songs again in the summer of 2002 during an unexpected road trip delay (Montana: Hungry Horse Trip). It was an inspirational song called "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning). I listened to it during a ride in the hills of Havre, MT. When I first listened to the song, I wanted to immediately buy the CD. Unfortunately, I never really got to it. However, I found these related links:

        2. , from tennessean.com
        3. Where Were You, lyrics in annguy30.com
        4. Some cool songs about the Lord...

          I was playing pool with some friends (Tim and a Bulgarian couple on New Year's Day-January 1st of 2007) in a local hangout (Crystal Lanes-Morris,MN) and was very touched by a couple of country songs. I decided to look it up on the internet...

          by Clay Walker
          , by Randy Travis

          My Bulgarian friend, Tony, was even touched too! He would start singing the first song off and on afterwards.

          *see Bible

          Recommended Resources



        5. Josh Fischer, first met the guy at the once a month "MainstreaM" at Living Waters Ministries' J.A. Haavig Center in 2001



          A co-worker (formerly Hoffman Home)/friend/sister in Christ (5-6+ years) of mine is trying to contact (September 2005) Mr. Travis about a song she wrote. She feels led by the Lord that this is a type of song Mr. Travis might be into. She would like Mr. Travis to sing this song she wrote with some of his insights on edition of course! I look in the internet on how to contact him, which I found this site->Randy Travis (his testimony)

          ... "Before Travis pulled out of his downward spiral of youthful crime, he was convicted of breaking and entering, larceny and carrying a concealed weapon. However, for his positive contributions to society as an adult later in life, Travis received a pardon for his offenses in 1999 from then-North Carolina governor James Hunt. Travis' true spiritual awakening didn't come until the mid-1980's, around the time he started recording classic country songs like "On the Other Hand," "1982" and "Diggin' Up Bones." "In my early to mid-20s, I started reading the Bible," he says. "I was amazed at how it brought this calming effect over me. I hadn't known much peace of mind for quite awhile." Travis also started attending church regularly for the first time in his life."

          Randy Travis Official Site
          Randy Travis - Three Wooden Crosses

          -Contact Links:
          Elizabeth Travis Management
          contact info
          Randy Travis, from Christianity Today
          A Rebel Finds Peace, an article from Christianity Today
          Road to Redemption, from CBN 700 Club
          -Record Company:
          World Records

          -Related Sites:
          Contact Music.com
          New Mexico Film Museum

          Tim McGraw
          "Everybody just wants to get high Sit and watch a perfect world go by We're all looking for love and meaning in our lives We follow the roads that lead us To drugs or Jesus"-lyrics from Drugs or Jesus


        6. Carrie Underwood

        7. Carrie Underwood - Jesus Take the Wheel

          Myspace Site
          Carrie Underwood - Temporary Home -

          Official Music Video 'Temporary Home' Carrie Underwood

          "Official Music Video for Carrie Underwood's latest single 'Temporary Home' of her album 'Play On'

          Little boy, 6 years old
          A little too used to being alone
          Another new mom and dad
          Another school
          Another house that'll never be home

          And when people ask him how he likes this place
          He looks up and says with a smile upon his face
          *see GoodnewsEverybody.com: Adoption, Adoptees, Orphans, Orphanages, etc...Outreach

          "This is my temporary home
          Its not where i belong
          Windows and rooms that i'm passing through
          This is just a stop on the way to where i'm going
          I'm not afraid because i know
          This is my temporary home

          Young mom on her own
          She needs a little help got no where to go
          Shes looking for a job looking for a way out
          Cause a halfway house will never be a home

          At night she whispers to her baby girl
          Someday we'l find our place in this world

          *see GoodnewsEverybody.com Widow Outreach

          " This is our temporary home
          Its not where we belong
          Windows and rooms that we're passing through
          This is just a stop on the way to where we're going
          I'm not afraid because i know
          This is our temporary home

          Old man, hospital bed
          The room is filled with people he loves
          And he whispers don't cry for me
          I'll see you all someday

          He looks up and says
          I can see God's face

          This is my temporary home
          Its not where i belong
          Windows and rooms the i'm passing through
          This is just a stop on the way to where i'm going
          I'm not afraid because i know
          This was my temporary home

          This is our temporary home"
          *I was listening to this on the radio this morning (Sunday, March 14th 2010) and was reminded of a message-sermon by my local (Morris, MN) pastor about living in earth is a "temporary" stop (e.g. rest stop) on our way to Heaven to be with Jesus!

          Related Sites:
          Carrie Underwood - Interview - "Temporary Home"

          Bible verse about how earth is only temporary home but heaven is forever? please help!? thankss!, from answers.yahoo.com
          Carrie Underwood - There's A Place For Us - Music Video

          *see GoodnewsEverybody.com European: United Kingdom-English & British of England-Britain Outreach=>Chornicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

          Related Sites:
          Biography "During her childhood, Underwood had performed at Robbins Memorial Talent Show while also singing at the Free Will Baptist Church and later on for local events in Checotah, including Old Settler's Day and the Lion's Club...
          In the summer of 2004, Underwood auditioned for American Idol in St. Louis. During the top eleven finalists' performance on the March 22, 2005, Idol episode, Underwood sang a rendition of the number one 80's rock hit "Alone" by Heart and judge Simon Cowell predicted that Underwood would not only win the competition, but would outsell all previous Idol winners.[13] Underwood is one of five winners never to have been voted in the bottom three (the others being Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, and David Cook); one of the show's producers later said that Underwood dominated the voting, winning each week handily.[14] While on the show, Underwood gained a loyal fan base known as "Carrie's Care Bears". Coincidentally, she was in the same sorority (Sigma Sigma Sigma) as Linda Denham, the creator of the original Care Bears franchise. On May 25, 2005, Underwood was crowned the winner of the fourth season of American Idol...
          Both "Jesus, Take the Wheel" and "Don't Forget to Remember Me" have earned number one spots in Christian radio countdowns. "Jesus, Take the Wheel" won the Gospel Music Association's award for best country single of the year. Underwood performed "Jesus, Take the Wheel" on May 23, 2006, and received a standing ovation at the ACM Awards. She ended up winning Best New Female Vocalist and Single of the year for the song. She was also nominated for Song of the Year and Female Vocalist of the year, but did not win."

        8. Michael Peterson

        9. Country music star锟絪 nationwide bus tour strengthens youth, educators and helps build stronger communities By Michael Ireland Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service Tuesday, June 3, 2008
          "NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (ANS) -- Award-winning gospel/country artist and songwriter, Michael Peterson, has just concluded a 10-city goodwill bus tour in nine states, which impacted a total of about 50,000 attendees.
          Aimed at supporting youth, educators and building stronger communities the tour was powered by a little magic, some music and a whole lot of motivation. Peterson led 35 assembly programs, about which many administrative faculty and other leaders gave rave reviews. There were also several other peripheral events in many surrounding communities that Peterson led supporting American Legion Posts and other organizations including an Armed Forces Day Parade in Lawton, OK.
          Presented by the U.S.Army, Grammy and CMA-nominated Ptereson's "My Real Life Tour" isa weeklong celebration, which ran from mid-February to the end of May with live appearancs and performances, motivational visits to schools, hospitals, ursing homes, corporate offices and community groups.
          Also appearing with Peterson were illusionists Ridgeway & Johnson (with Kristin Johnson, billed as the world's #1 female escape artist: www.livingillusions.com).
          Master Illusionists Kevin Ridgeway and Kristin Johnson performed a famous Water Torture Cell Escape, which amazed audiences throughout the ten-city tour. He also performed for 550 military officers and others at Fort Sill锟絪 Patriot Club hosted by the Lawton / Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce. Peterson was also presented keys to various cities and was also acknowledged by Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman.
          No stranger to inspiring communities, Peterson has dedicated most of his career to moving people throughout the world. Before achieving meteoric success as a country music star, he spent 12 years speaking to and motivating high school students throughout the United States, sometimes performing more than 200 school programs a year.
          Michael Peterson (center) was honored by Gov. Dave Heineman and First Lady of Nebraska during a stop in Lincoln, NB.
          Peterson is bringing his national My Real Life, Strong For America Tour to cities across America. In addition to a concert event, this Tour introduces programs and resources to each community it visits. Specifically, the tour event is designed to help students who are looking for career and educational direction and to provide motivation and tools to adults who have a desire to effectively and efficiently invest their time and talents back into their community, and to bring mechanisms to community leaders and retirees to share their resources, wisdom and time in ways that strengthen the community.
          According to his website, "This tour is probably not what you'd expect from a superstar entertainer. Usually, the bus rolls into town, the artist performs a two-hour concert and then goes home. Michael said he wants to spend several days in each town getting to meet lots of members of the community and sharing stories, music, motivation and great ideas about how we can all work to build better communities."
          As a musician, Peterson has traveled the world entertaining and captivating audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Today, he continues to move audiences with his music and inspirational message of empowerment and responsibility that resonates with both individuals and entire communities.
          Loved for such million-selling country music chart toppers as "Drink Swear Steal & Lie" and "From Here To Eternity", this multiple Grammy and CMA award nominee has moved sold out audiences all over the globe for nearly a decade. But he is so much more than a "celebrity recording artist."
          Prior to his career in country music, this national champion collegiate football player spent twelve years teaching hundreds of thousands of Jr High and Sr High school students across North America how to live with uncertainty and not be paralyzed by fear. He is a contributing author to the New York Times bestselling "Chicken Soup For The Soul" series, and is a proven hit songwriter with multiple #1 songs in gospel and country both in the U.S and Europe, recorded by multiple Grammy winning superstars like Travis Tritt, Timothy B. Shmitt from The Eagles and Deniece "Let's Hear It For The Boy" Williams.
          But more than anything else Peterson is a proven "people mover" whose consistent commitment to purposes greater than himself has caused organizations as diverse Special Olympics, Selective Service, Ronald McDonald House, FFA, the USO, St Jude Children's research hospital, The American Legion and most recently the New Holland corporation and the U.S. Army to seek him out as a voice for messages that matter.
          With a new CD "In Black" and the US Army-sponsored "My Real Life 锟?Strong For America" tour, he is bringing together the power of hit songs, community events and school assemblies to help close the gap between public education, civilians and the military at this critical time in our nation.
          Peterson will also be hosting the 3rd Annual New Holland Celebrity Tractor Race on Sunday June 8 at the CMA Fanfare Country Music Festival taking place June 5-8. "The Third Annual New Holland/Michael Peterson Celebrity Tractor Race" will begin at 11:30 AM on Sunday, June 8, in the Sports Zone Activity Area. A blend of Country Music artists, athletes and celebrities will join Peterson in a race against the clock through an obstacle course on a New Holland compact Boomer(TM) compact tractor.
          Following the race, participants will autograph a tractor, which will later be auctioned off with part of the proceeds going to the National FFA and to the winner's charity of choice. "

        10. Johnny Cash

        11. -Concerts
          A Boy Name Sue, from youtube.com
          "I Walk the Line" live 1959

          Johnny Cash-Ring of Fire 1963

          Walk the Line
          Ring of Fire, from Artistdirect.com
          Hurt, from youtube.com
          "I wear this crown of thorns upon my liar's chair full of broken thoughts I cannot repair beneath the stains of time the feelings disappear you are someone else I am still right here"-from lyrics007.com
          Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down, from youtube.com

        12. Mercy Me

        13. *saw them live in concert on Friday, March 17th of 2007 in Alexandria, MN
          Meet Casting Crowns - Who Am I "Live"

          " A short interview with band members and then the a live version of "Who Am I" filmed in Atlanta, Georgia."
          Who Am I - Casting Crowns, with lyrics on youtube.com
          Myspace Site
          "Since then, MercyMe has released one more album Coming Up To Breathe in 2006. While this album keeps to the same style and appeal of its predecessors, Bart Millard wrote that the band was not seeking to meet its previous popularity, but rather a more personal album that was written for God."
          Neal McCoy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
          "..Hubert Neal McGaughey, Jr. (born July 30, 1958 in Jacksonville, Texas) is an American country music singer of mixed Irish and Filipino descent..
          Neal McCoy ~ Hillbilly Rap

          *see GoodnewsEverybody.com Asian-Filipino Music
        14. Randy Travis
        15. Related Sites:
          Three Wooden Crosses

          *with Bible messages
          Randy Travis - Three Wooden Crosses "LIVE"
          Randy Travis - Three Wooden Crosses, personal made video from youtube.com
          Taylor Swift

        16. Parent Regrets: Why I Wish We Never Went to See Taylor Swift Posted: 8/16/11 01:12 PM ET huffingtonpost.com

        17. Awards

        18. Inspirational Country Music Awards

        19. 14th Annual Inspirational Country Music Awards Honors Winners Ricky Skaggs, Tracy Lawrence, George Straight and Others Take Home Awards By Ginny McCabe Special to ASSIST News Service Saturday, October 18, 2008
          "HENDERSONVILLE, TN (ANS) -- Power Source Music Group announced the winners of the 14th Annual Inspirational Country Music Award Show (ICM awards) on Thursday evening, October 16th at its annual awards show, which was held at Trinity Music City USA Auditorium in Hendersonville, TN.
          The Isaacs opened the show with stunning 鈥淢amma鈥檚 Teaching Angels How To Sing鈥?as a tribute to the late Dottie Rambo.
          There were many highlights throughout the star-studded evening. By winning three Inspirational Country Music Awards, the Grammy, CMA and IBMA award winning, country and bluegrass artist, Ricky Skaggs, can add inspirational country awards to his list of awards and genres. Skaggs was selected as the 鈥淢usician of the Year鈥?and Ricky Skaggs & The Whites also won 鈥淢ainstream Country Artist of the Year鈥?and 鈥淚nspirational Bluegrass Artist.鈥?
          Multi-award winning country giant, George Strait and his single, 鈥淚 Saw God Today鈥? received the 鈥淢ainstream Inspirational Song of the Year鈥?award.
          Other winners included Cross Country the Band, who won 鈥淓ntertainer of the Year,鈥?Del Way received 鈥淢ale Vocalist of the Year鈥?and Sonya Isaacs took home the 鈥淔emale Vocalist of the Year鈥?trophy for the second straight year.
          Multi-platinum recording artist, Collin Raye, hosted the annual award show, and also performed the moving 鈥淗elping Hands鈥?for the crowd.
          Another star in attendance was Tracy Lawrence, who not only won the 鈥淰ideo鈥?award for 鈥淭ill I Was A Daddy Too,鈥?but he also performed the song 鈥淭he Book You鈥檝e Never Read.鈥?
          Additional performances included: Phil Stacey, Point of Grace, Del Way, CrossCountry The Band, Russ Murphy, Sandra Dee, James Payne, Last Light Band, Mike Rimmey, Tommy Brandt, and Austin鈥檚 Bridge.
          The show was taped with a live audience and is scheduled to be aired on several broadcast networks, including Comcast On Demand; CMT Loaded; Sky Angel's Angel Two Network; Cornerstone TeleVision; The Worship Network; National Religious Broadcaster (NRB); CTS Television Canada; Faith TV; and TCT Networks. All reaching over 500 million people and/or subscribers in the United States, Canada and over 170 nations throughout the world.
          The annual Inspirational Country Music Awards are dedicated to honoring and showcasing the biggest names and emerging talent among artists who perform Christian and Inspirational Country music. Inspirational music is inspired by Faith, Family, and Country鈩? The member-voted ICM Awards Show is the keynote event of Inspirational Country Music Week (ICM Week), in Nashville, TN. The convention and show are presented by The Christian Country Music Association, a 501C-3 not-for-profit corporation, founded in 1992. www.ccma.cc
          The ICM Awards is sponsored by: Cloud Ten Pictures: Saving God starring Ving Rhames and The Genius Club staring Stephen Baldwin; Sam Ash Music, Gibson Guitar and Diamond Disc Records.
          Please visit www.icm-awards.com for a complete list of winners, show highlights and television airtimes and dates. "


          Lady Antebellum - Need You Now

          *see Country Album: Need You Now 鈥?Lady Antebellum Country Song: 鈥淣eed You Now鈥?鈥?Lady Antebellum


        20. Redneck Ten Commandments , from Godtube.com

        21. " Josh Burrows interprets the ten commandments for all the rednecks across the country. This is what happens when men go away for 9 days on a missions trip to Alaska."



        22. Lorne Green, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        23. The Place Where I Worship

          Red Foley - Place Where I Worship Lyrics @ LyricsTime.com Bob Atcher - The Place Where I Worship Is The Wide Open Spaces (1964) , youtube.com
          *all Religions?
          The Place Where I Worship by Bonanza TV-Cast on Mono 1962 RCA Victor LP.

          "Uploaded by lrh1966 on Aug 3, 2011 RCA Victor record# LPM-2583. Album title: "Bonanza - Ponderosa Party Time". Based on the NBC-TV show "Bonanza". Transferred to digital using stereo gear on background photo. "
          Softly and Tenderly---Carl Smith

          David Wyper - "Near the Cross"

          Gospel - Jim Reeves - May the Good Lord Bless & Keep You

          Jim Reeves - It is No Secret (What God Can Do)

          Johnny Cash - Gospel Glory 03 - Softly and Tenderly


          Statler Brothers - How Great Thou Art


          - Accidents

          Carrie Underwood- Jesus take the wheel

          "This is Carrie's preformance of Jesus take the wheel on American Idol Season 5. Best vocal of this song! "

        24. Stage collapses at Indiana State Fair before Sugarland concert, kills 4 by Sandra Gonzalez music-mix.ew.com Aug 14 2011 12:54 AM ET

        25. "High winds caused the collapse of a stage at the Indiana State Fair on Saturday just before country duo Sugarland was set to take the stage for their headline performance, killing four and injuring 40.
          UPDATE: State Fair spokesman Andy Klotz confirmed a fifth death to the Indianapolis Star on Sunday morning. A press conference is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. CT.
          The band tweeted their regrets on their official Twitter account shortly after the news broke. 鈥淲e are all right. We are praying for our fans, and the people of Indianapolis. We hope you鈥檒l join us. They need your strength,鈥?they wrote.
          Sara Bareilles, who is currently on tour with Sugarland, had just finished her set at the Hoosier Lottery Grandstand stage before the collapse and also reacted on Twitter. 鈥淚鈥檓 speechless and feel so helpless. Please send love and prayers to Indianapolis tonight. My heart aches for the lives lost,鈥?she wrote.
          Janet Jackson is set to perform at the 17-day fair on Aug. 17, Train and Maroon 5 are scheduled for Aug. 18, and Lady Antebellum for Aug. 19. The fair has not said whether those concerts will continue as scheduled.
          An attendee caught the collapse on camera....

          Indiana State Fair Collapse by JSilas7

        26. Sugarland likely saved by tour manager's decision AP, Aug 15, 2011 8:44 pm PDT new.music.yahoo.com

        27. "It came down to seconds and one instinctive decision that may have saved the lives of country duo Sugarland and others at the Indiana State Fair where five people died when a stage collapsed.
          Tour manager Hellen Rollens looked at the sky and decided to hold the band backstage. A minute later, 60 to 70 mph wind gusts toppled the roof and the metal scaffolding holding lights and other equipment on Saturday night in Indianapolis. It crashed into the audience, killing four instantly and fifth later at a hospital. Dozens were injured, some critically.
          When they heard the deafening boom of the stage crashing, Sugarland and crew hit the ground and took cover against a wall, thinking it was going to collapse on top of them. At some point, they made it out of the dust and debris and converged on their tour bus....
          Gellman said others felt it was safe to go on stage, but Rollens ultimately acted on her intuition.
          "As a tour manager, it's super important to understand what the weather conditions are when you play outside. We've always talked about not putting the band on during wind, lightning or heavy rain," said Gellman, who was in Las Vegas with another client that night.
          "Everybody was standing in a prayer circle getting ready to go onstage, and Hellen, as she was walking down the ramp, the stage fell. So her decision to hold them for literally a minute saved every band member and crew's life."
          The calamity has deeply touched Sugarland members Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush.
          Nettles said in a statement that she watched video of the collapse on the news "in horror" and was "moved by the grief of those families who lost loved ones." She said she was also "moved by the great heroism" of fans who ran toward the stage to help rescue the injured.
          Gellman met up with Nettles on Sunday and has watched her struggle to cope since then.
          "There are moments I can see great clarity in her eyes, and there are moments I can see her tears well up so much that I just don't know what to do," Gellman said. "She's just processing and wants to encourage people to be together, to support each other."...

        28. Hundreds gather for memorial service in Indiana By Tim Evans, USA TODAY Updated 1d 3h

        29. "...INDIANAPOLIS 鈥?Indiana's lieutenant governor opened a memorial service for five people killed in a weekend stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair with a prayer expressing thanks for those who rushed to help immediately after high winds toppled stage rigging...

          Sugarland - Stuck Like Glue

          Sugarland - Stuck Like Glue - Karaoke


          Pray for You - Jaron and The Long Road to Love :: Official Video

          "Uploaded by SugarlandVEVO on Aug 3, 2010 Music video by Sugarland performing Stuck Like Glue. (C) 2010 Mercury Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. '


        30. Coyote Ugly (2000),from imdb.com

        31. Coyote Ugly trailer

          LeAnn Rimes - Can't Fight The Moonlight

          "Coyote Ugly Soundtrack - LeAnn Rimes - Can't Fight The Moonlight "


          Leann Rimes - Amazing Grace

          "Greensleeves Gospel Choir



          Carrie Underwood - How Great Thou Art

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