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        1. GoodnewsEverybody.com Music: Blues, Blue Grass, etc..

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          I'll Fly Away
          "Being Lead By GOD To New Directions, I thought That this Song Is Fitting, to what is going on in my Life...PRAISE BE TO MY LORD, AND SAVIOR...JESUS CHRIST...AND BLESSING TO ALL OF YOU, WHO ARE READY TO FLY AWAY..."

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          -UMM Founders Weekend

        2. Monroe Crossing

        3. "..Based in Minnesota, the group plays an average of 125 shows a year at major venues and festivals, frequently for non-bluegrass audiences 鈥?and people often comment that they鈥檇 never really liked bluegrass music until they attended a Monroe Crossing concert!..
          Monroe Crossing at UMM Founders Weekend on Sept 25th 10'



        4. Johnny Lang

        5. Jonny Lang "

          "Listen to Jonny talk about his "Turn Around" album and his influences in this must see video for blues and gospel music fans."

          Jonny Lang From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
          "..(born Jon Gordon Langseth, Jr., January 29, 1981 in Fargo, North Dakota) is a Grammy award-winning American blues, gospel, and rock singer, songwriter and recording artist. Lang's music is notable for both his unusual voice, which has been compared to that of a forty-year-old blues veteran,[1] and for his guitar solos. His solo patterns have especially been noted for the constant use of wide vibratos...
          The Five Silent Years
          "Jonny Lang's music before the silent years from 1998 to 2003 is very different in message and character than the songs after this period, and this is not without cause.
          His early career, while musically a success, had many problems under the surface. At age 11 he started smoking, and at 13 he joined his first band. This introduced him to drinking and smoking pot. He became an addict quickly, with drinking and smoking as part of his daily routine. Eventually he was smoking two packs a day and getting into different kinds of drugs. However, some people think his 2nd album (influenced by songwriter Bruce McCabe) particularly, was brilliant both musically and philosophically. The same secular perspective being that his later music is brilliant musically but primitive philosophically. [2]
          During this period, he never had any interest in religion. However, when the father of his girlfriend Hayley (later his wife) passed away, he had a spiritual encounter and became a Christian. For a brief period he thought he had to be a preacher, but then he realized his place is in the music scene. His addictions to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco were gone, and his music now had a new focus, as can be seen by the lyrics of his later albums.[2]
          His numbers do not seem to have been affected by this transformation, and Lang attributes this to his understanding that others do not share the same beliefs, so he does not force them. He only wants others to see the improvement in his own life, which is seen in his later album, Turn Around. Much of its gospel sounds and intimate outpourings are out of focusing on Lang's own purpose and experience in life.[3]..

          Jonny Lang Apostolic Testimony

          "Jonny lang turns his life around thanks to God, wife family and familys prayers"
          *see GoodnewsEverybody.com Personal Story-Intimate, Personal, Relationship, Salvation, Savior, Testimony, etc..


          Jonny Lang~On That Great Day

          Jonny Lang - Take Joy My King (Acoustic)


        6. Shasta Blvd, myspace site

        7. *from Paynesville, MN that performed in Morris, MN last night (Sunday, January 9th of 09')

          Revolution -Shasta Blvd (CD release @ club 3 w/ Remedy Drive)

          "Recorded at Club 3 Degrees. We opened for Remedy Drive and it was our cd release show! May 16, 2009"

        8. Homemade Jam, from Minnesota

        9. *saw them perform at the Prairie Pioneer Days yesterday (Saturday, July 14th of 2007). They sang some cool familiar songs, like (made popular in the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou" (starring George Clooney in 2000)


        10. Uptown Famous Dave鈥檚 hosts Minnesota Association of Christian Songwriters Showcase by Bryan Malley (Minnesota Christian Chronicle)

        11. "MINNEAPOLIS 鈥?Famous Dave鈥檚 BBQ & Blues at Calhoun Square has been named 鈥淏est Blues Bar鈥?multiple times by the City Pages. The venue is best known for live blues music and tasty food offered seven days a week.
          On Wednesday, April 30, from 8 to 11:30 p.m., Famous Dave鈥檚 BBQ & Blues will host a slightly different event鈥攖he second Minnesota Association of Christian Songwriters Showcase. Performers at the free event will include: The Rotators, Simply Servants, Judge Bennett Blues Band, Matt Christianson and Mike Hielman.
          鈥淐hristian music has a viable place in the entertainment industry locally and nationally. My hope is to show this to Famous Dave鈥檚 and their clientele through our Showcase events,鈥?said Scott Duffy-Koltes, local Christian songwriter, member of Simply Servants, and director of the MACS Showcase. 鈥淔or venues, it can be both profitable and family friendly. For us it is still ministry. We hope that the words to our songs plant seeds in hearts and open the door for God鈥檚 love to embrace the listener.鈥?
          Mike Hielman, a performer at the MACS Showcase and current president of the group, believes the world needs more Christian music.
          鈥淭he people of this world are listening to some stuff that just grinds them down,鈥?he said.
          MACS exists to 鈥渆ncourage, educate, and equip songwriters who are called to use their gifts of music and lyrics to glorify God, edify the body of Christ, and point the way to Jesus Christ.鈥?."



        12. Fleetwood Mac

        13. *referred by Hoxderthorne on Tuesday, January 8th of 2008
          "The two most successful periods for the band were: during the late 60s British blues boom, when they were led by guitarist Peter Green, and from 1975-87, with the rock band that consisted of Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks, and Lindsey Buckingham."
          fleetwood mac oh well

          " '69 BBC sessions "Oh well"
          Oh Well by Fleetwood Mac Album: Then Play On Released: 1969 US Chart: 55 UK Chart: 2, from songfacts.com
          "At the time, Fleetwood Mac was a successful Blues band known for their raucous stage shows. Their albums consistently sold about 300,000 copies and they were known as outstanding musicians. When Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined the band in 1974, they changed their sound and became one of the best-selling bands ever. Until then, this was the only Fleetwood Mac song that charted. This was one of Peter Green's last contributions to Fleetwood Mac. He left the band a year later after a mental breakdown."

          "I cant help about the shape Im in
          I cant sing, I aint pretty and my legs are thin
          But dont ask me what I think of you
          I might not give the answer that you want me to

          Oh well
          Now, when I talked to God I knew hed understand
          He said, stick by my side and Ill be your guiding hand
          But dont ask me what I think of you
          I might not give the answer that you want me to
          Oh well"


          Long Black Train - Bird Youmans

          "Bird's version of the popular Josh Turner hit, Long Black Train. A touch of blue grass is added with the dobro. Bird's music is available at Birdyoumans.com. For bookings call 1-800-582-1119."
          that sounds like home to me

          "Bluegrass Gospel with Rev. Howard Tate and Henery Toller"
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          O Brother, Where Art Thou Official Trailer

          "Official Trailer from the DVD"
          O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU - Constant Sorrow

          "This is the movie clip of The Soggy Bottom Boys, with 'Constant Sorrow' and 'You Are My Sunshine', great movie."

          *see Bible

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