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        1. Good News Everybody Music-Blues, Country, Hip-Hop, Metal, Pop, Rap, Rock, etc... Outreach

          Read our blog and follow us on facebook, twitter, and youtube!

          There has been many bands that has passed through UMM.

          There are some bands that many people never heard of.

          Childhood Music Years

          Music captures people all around the world-no matter what's the genre! As I (Sal) try to reflect my earliest genre music I was first interested, I can remember it was a Disney-Mickey Mouse and Friend's record album. My Aunt Toni introduced it to my brother, sister, and I at a young age to inspire us to exercise. The record album included a picture book of different Disney characters showing us how to perform different types of exercises. The music was very upbeat with different Disney Characters encouraging us with each type of exercise.

          The genre of music changed as I got older-along with who, where, and when I was growing-up. Back in the old days (late 70's-80's), we had 8-tracks, records, and tapes. I remember the collection of record albums and some 8-tracks my dad had in our living room shelf. Mostly it was my dad's, the likes of Eddie Fischer, >Pat Boone-"Cross & The Switchblade" star , Frank Sinatra, Olivia Newton-John, etc...

          When I started attending grade school in St. Paul, we were obligated to join a music class. I remember singing Christmas songs and other's depending on the holiday season throughout the year. We performed in front of the school, parents, and other community functions (e.g. senior citizens). My first instrument I got skilled in playing was a recorder, which I loved playing when I was younger. I would practice in and out of the classroom.

          I don't exactly remember what year I was in school, but public school field trips to music functions served as an influence. I was introduced to variety of music that I didn't hear with friends, family, or peers. There was one field trip to the Minnesota Orchestra, which I marveled the beautifully designed Orchestral Hall. I remember sitting in these nice cozy chairs listening intently to the different musical instruments being played. This was going on while some of my classmates were just fooling around with one another. Another field trip was to the Ordway Theatre, where I witnessed my first out-of-school concert. It was this latin-band, which played the great songs of Los Lobos-including the famous "La bamba". I think this was a start of soon to be now interest of international music-different language-despite this being one of the famous American pop songs in the past.

          Teenage Music Years

          Then in Battle Creek Middle School, I continued to play an instrument-a trumpet! I played for 2 years, but I wasn�t as good I now wished I could�ve been. It was because I didn�t take it seriously because I didn�t take the responsibility to motivate myself and I wasn�t challenged-encouraged. During my years here, I started getting into the MTV scene. I was highly influenced by my peers to listen to Heavy-Metal Music; sometimes Death Metal too! Likes of Metallica, Skid-Row, Poision, Iron-Maiden, and Guns-N-Roses. My siblings too had an influence by getting into the pop and pop-rock (e.g. Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Jets, Madonna, etc? being played in music videos. I wasn�t too enthusiastic until I started buying tapes. Probably my first every music tape (recorded) was Tone-Loc (rap).

          I started getting into rap slowly over the years (91?95? in high-school as I got away from the metal scene. I think hip-hop started to grow too during this time, where I somewhat got into MC-Hammer and other related genres. Also, Alternative-Music started to become more into the mainstream as Heavy-Metal slowly disappeared from the music-scene. The likes of Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and then favorite-Stone Temple Pilots (�Core?.

          College Music Years

          The exposure of many genres of music growing-up made me open to get into all types of music during the �liberal-college?years at UMM. I somewhat heard a lot about Billy Ray Cyrus and other country favorites back in high school, but I never thought of actually listening to it! In Morris, the only home-based radio station plays country all day long! As I heard it all the time and being opened to learn more of my surroundings, I started to appreciated this genre of music. When I came to a personal relationship with Christ in 96? I started to be curious of Christian music (pop, pop-rock, heavy metal, rap, hip-hop, and everything related to positive Christ-focussed music)! I never knew there was �positive?Christ-centered music until I was introduced to it by my new Christian friends.

          Also (submitted Sunday, April 5th of 2009), I took a piano class. It was just an easy 3 credit class for fun.

          On-Line Piano Lessons, from gopiano.com
          How to Play Basic Piano Chords, from expertvillage.com
          Basic Piano / Keyboard Chord Shapes , shanemcdonald.org

          How to learn basic piano in 8 minutes

          "An 8 minute piano lesson teaching the basics. "

          PIANO FOR SALE

          "Wellington cable company chicago upright (54.5" height/tall and 59.5" long and 27" width )wooden piano-184033 (SN#?, year?)"

          * Make: Wellington cable company chicago
          * Model 4' 7" Upright
          * SERIAL NUMBER: 184033
          * Age: -
          * Size: 5´0"
          * Last Tuned: -
          * Asking Price: B/O
          * Location: Morris, MN

          Good condition: 2nd to lowest "E" key gets stuck when pressed, but works!

          Related Sites:
          A History of the Piano, 1157-2007, from uk-piano.org
          "1880 The Cable Co., Chicago, USA, was established. (They also made Conover from 1883, Kingsbury and Wellington.)..

          "The Wellington pianos belong to the extensive line of instruments manufactured by The Cable Company Chicago They possess an attractiveness of and finish, elasticity of action and durability, not surpassed by many pianos of much higher price In tone quality, in durability and in appearance the Wellington pianos reveal evidences of masterly piano building skill and, price considered, are hard to equal. These instruments have been found so satisfactory that they are in great demand throughout the country and have also won an export trade of large proportions. While not an expensive piano the Wellington presents all the elegance of finish and melody of tone character that charm the lover of good pianos. It is a reliable piano in which the buyer receives a large return for a comparatively small investment. Its manufacturers possess peculiarly great facilities for the economical production of good pianos and they have succeeded in creating instruments of rare attractiveness at prices within the reach of the people. The Wellington is a safe piano and a splendid value. The Cable Company, .."
          We have just gotten a Kingsbury Piano made - Antiques and the Arts ..., from antiquesandthearts.com/forumresponse.asp?var=3523...22
          Piano Serial Numbers Part 16, from www.ukpianos.co.uk
          "Piano Manufacturer: Wellington By The Cable Company Chicago
          1950 sn-318000 1958 sn-342400 1966 sn-386000 1975 sn-425700
          1951 sn-321000 1959 sn-345800 1967 sn-393000 1976 sn-429300
          1952 sn-323000 1960 sn-350600 1969 sn-398000 1977 sn-434000
          1954 sn-333000 1962 sn-360000 1971 sn-407300 1979 sn-443000
          1955 sn-336500 1963 sn-365000 1972 sn-411400 1980 sn-448000
          1957 sn-339200 1965 sn-379000 1974 sn-420700 1982 sn-455200 "

          Wellington upright - $1200 (Phinney Ridge), from seattle.craigslist.org
          PianoExchange, LLC
          Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - Cable Co. Wellington piano Expert: Thomas Britanyak - 7/26/2006
          We just acquired a vertical Wellington piano made by the Cable Co. of Chicago. The serial number is 152166. The friend who gave it to us claims it was made in 1911. We have not been able to confirm that thus far. What do you think? Also, what is the best source for this type of information?
          Hello Julie! Thank you for the question. Two very helpful websites are as follows:

          In 1911, Cable's number series started at 155000. Therefore your piano would likely have been made one year earlier in 1910.
          Kind regards,
          Thomas Britanyak

          Piano, Organ, and Keyboard - Leslie Bros. Tall upright piano, from allexperts.com
          You can usually find the serial no. inside the piano around the top/ around the tuning pins. If you are able to locate it, you can call a local piano store and they can look it up and tell you the age.
          The Leslie Co was not a major manufacturer, and I'm not sure it wasn't a stencil brand. The best way to tell if it's worth taking is to hire a piano tuner and have then inspect it for you. Many times tuners like myself will offer this service at a reduced rate from other service calls
          Good Luck.

        2. , from bluebookofpianos.com
        3. Guitar Tuner -, from gieson.com

        4. *referred by Eric B. (Sunday, April 12th of 2009)

          How to play Acoustic Guitar Lesson basic finger picking

          "http://www.nextlevelguitar.com/pages/... How to play the acoustic guitar In this lesson Megan teaches the basics of finger picking. You get close ups on the pick hand to really see the technique up close. Go to our full on video instructional website at www.nextlevelguitar.com for many more lessons. "
          Guitar Lesson: Basic Color Chords, from youtube.com
          "Chord charts @ http://www.freeguitarvideos.com/LJ5/b...
          he lesson will cover how to play some chord substitutes or color chords. Using color chords can break up the monotony of playing the same chord progression over and over. Chord substituions can also be used when you are accompanying another guitar. "

          Christian Music

          *see Bible

          When I lived in Clayton A. Gay Hall, a sister-in-Christ (Saundra-picture in this web page under Soneshine) borrowed me a tape �Mighty Years: Volume 2 80?82?by Keith Green. His inspirational meaningful lyrics got me more into wanting to listen to more of this type of genre of music. As I was getting into the Bible, I was into music with biblical foundations. I was hungry for �soul-food?during a time of desperate need in desperate times of desperate growth! Another flashback memory was during my Junior year when someone (I think I know who it is, who never approached me in person to this day) put a Jars of Clay�s self titled album (95?Album with popular songs?�Liquid?and �Flood?in the mainstream) CD with a palm leaf (passover) underneath my windshield wipers of my then-Plymouth Voyageur Mini-Van. I still have it to this day and is still one of my favorites-thanks!

          I continued to pursue any type of Christian Music, from:


        5. Dino
        6. Country

        7. Bruce Haynes
        8. Dance/Techno


          Heavy Metal


        9. Cross Movement, saw them at Impact 00' in Atlanta, GA
        10. TobyMac
        11. T-Bone

        12. T-Bone - Hero

          "Christian Hip Hop Added: 03-24-2007 "

          Jazz, Ska, etc...

        13. Big Dog Small Fence, saw them at East Side Park-Morris, MN
        14. Kaoroke


          "Day by Day"

        15. DC Talk
        16. -the first Christian band I heard live, which my brother and sisters already knew (they always are ahead of me in the music mainstream)! I had the opportunity to see them at a Billy Graham Crusade back in 1996 at the Metrodome (pictures)
          Related Sites:
          Consumed Me
          I Wish We'd All Been Ready [Live]

        17. Jars of Clay

        18. "Flood"


          *Note: My first CD I ever won from a radio show was a rap CD by �Ministers of the Gospel?from KCGN-Praise FM 101.5/103.9 FM when I was on-call as an RA (97?98? at Clayton A. Gay Hall on a Friday evening.

        19. DJ Maj
        20. Rhythm & Blues


        21. Audio Adrenaline

        22. Audio Adrenaline - Hands & Feet

          "Audio Adrenaline Hands & Feet Music Video"
        23. Third Day
        24. P.O.D., attended their concert at Fargo, ND
        25. Dance-Techno

        26. World Wide Message Tribe
        27. *NOTE: Going to IVCF Dance Parties were also a introduction to Christian Music, which my friend Mark Haugen (see story down below web page) "a.k.a. D.J. Segue" played a big part. It was an awesome way to have a safe/non-alcoholic/peer pressure/be what you realy want to be party during college and after!


          In Good Hands (Baby Dedication Song)



        28. Michael W. Smith
        29. Related Sites:

          Michael Card
          Healing Rain

          Healing Rain, from Brazil
          Friends are Forever
          Here I Am to Worship
          This Is Your Time

          *dedicated to Cassie Bernall (victim and martyr of school shooting in Columbine High School in Colorado)



          My curiosity to this new Christian music scene got me interested in checking out into Christian Music Festivals (has been going on for many years, which I never knew about!-an example of how the Gospel may not be familiar to many other people in the world out there!-Romans 12:14-16), such as:

          *"..seek and you'll find"-Matthew 7:7

          Christian Music Concerts/Festivals

          {Photo Gallery}


          Sonshine Music Festival-Wilmar, Minnesota

          Saundra, UMM 98' Alumn, was one of several faces I knew in this big venue in the summer of 1999.

          Jars of Clay performs under the beautiful stars at night. They shared about their mission trip to China.

          Heart of the City-Summer Picnic in the Twin Cities

          Spirit Fest Midwest-Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
          *attended this event once so far, which was in 2002 with a couple of friends. We camped (slept only 2 hours) in my Chevy Blazer with mosquitoes, which I'll never every do again! (CANCELLED in 2004)



        30. Christian Music Festivals, from Christian Teens
        31. Christian Music Festivals & Events, from Christian Music
        32. Life Light Fest, in Sioux Falls, SD
        33. T.V. Shows

        34. Steel Roots T.V., christian music videos
        35. In fact, I was gung-ho going to several booths between stages and concerts meeting these bands. The rise of Christian Music got really noticed by the media around 2002-last year-when it was in the front covers of Newsweek (have this copy).

          Personal Cool Stories Here are some cool-funny personal stories:

          There was one-time I was asking booking information from this racial-unified praise-gospel-worship band from the Twin Cities at one SoF in Wilmar, MN. One of the lady members asked me if I was a booking agent-laughing and responding �no? Another one was being in front by the stage of a Salvador concert in a small stage of Soneshine one year. They were a rising latino-american band from Austin, Texas. A youth pastor that I�ve become friends with from Morris pointed me out to the lead-singer that I was the �real?Salvador, so the lead singer announced to fairly sizeable crowd for this size of stage that �Here is the real Salvador!? They were very popular because of their high-craze praise and worship latin upbeat style of music, like �Dance, like David Dance?

          Praise & Worship

          After accepting Jesus?into my-life, the passion to grow in the knowledge of knowing Him got me into loving praise and worship music. I contribute this to the awesome praise and worship times at IVCF and my local church in St. Paul and Morris.

          I started to purchase many CD�s of this Christian genre along with my other contemporary-gospel-hip-hop-rap music from being a member of Columbia House�s �Praise & Glory?/a>. Below are other Christian membership groups:

          Now, after doing international student ministry at the local college I used to attend, I�m now searching for international christian music. Please send me an e-mail of any good websites to be added down below=>



        36. Sammy Okanson, from Nigeria
        37. ASIAN


        38. Gary Valenciano, pop artist from the Philippines
        39. D.J. Bunny, dance-techno Fil-Am artist from CA of Micah Media


          World Wide Message Tribe

        40. Joy Electric, who I saw at Alexandria�s �Burning Bush?br> -Canadaian
        41. Steve Kuban, saw in concert at �Hear & Obey?/a>


        42. Parachute Band, from New Zealand (saw at KCGN-Lake Geneva Christian Center)

        43. LATIN

        44. Jaci Velasquez

        45. *one of my first Christian-music artist cd, which I actually had the "hots" for her after becoming a Christian in 1996. She performed nearby-Glenwood, which I somehow couldn't make it to the concert. This is before she became more-popluar! I would later send a letter to her and she replied with a personal authograph-wow, I was touched!-thanks/gracias Jaci!
        46. Salvador
          Margaux (A&O Member from Chicago, IL) and I pose with the group Salvador (from Austin, TX) at Sonshine Festival 99' in Wilmar, MN

          Below are some other Christian concerts I�ve had the opportunity to attend:

          As I write this on a early Saturday morning on November 8th of 2003, I�m currently listening to KUMM-a local campus radio station. I just missed winning 2-$1 gift certificates to DQ-too bad! Anyways, I was at the station visiting a Filipino-American friend of mine the other night. He�s know as �The Orchestra? who plays many West-Coast Hip-Hop music as he grew-up and still lives in California�s Bay Area. It was my first time at the radio station since I used to do a show during the summertime in 2002 called �GoodNews UMM-Morris Radio Show?/a>. I was there last night to check-out his show, which his siblings happens to be visiting this weekend. They started freestyling, which has been known to be familiar through M&M�s 8 Mile. I haven�t heard this too for awhile since going-up to Atlanta, GA for a African-American focussed Christian Conference called Impact Movement. I went with two Minnesota guys to catch a Greyhound Bus to meet other Twin City folks (many from the Twin Cities �Alpha & Omega?/a>), which they would go back-n-forth freestyling. I witnessed more Gospel oriented rap, hip-hop music, and dances at the conference�s talent show (in video!).

          Rap Stereotype: �I love Rap Music?(by D.C. Talk)

          I�ve heard that Rap music is always sex, violence, money (mentioned by �The Orchestra? and many other immoral ethics. I say to them that goes with Heavy-Metal (some plant �seeds of hate?that are deceiving to one�s ears)?

          Only A Couple Examples:
          Singer/Song with Backward Message

          ACDC�s (80�s heavy metal) �Night Prowler?�Listen to me! I�m from Hell! They killed me. I�m the law. I said so/Islide in evil. I�m the Lord Lucifer. White owl.?br> Queen (80�s rock) �Another One Bites the Dust?�It�s fun to smoke marijuana?I first found this out attending UMM�s General Psychology class, where the professor played it backwards in front of t he 300+/- students at the Science Auditorium when I was a Sophomore (96?97?

          Chapter 8 �Exposing the Deeds of Darkness?by Radziwill �Reggie?F. Santiago in �Signs of Wonders?by JHMT�s Dante Veluz, pastor I met from

          and all types of music in different extremes. This gives me an opportunity to share about positive-Christian music!

          Many Christian Rap or Hip-Hop in fact are �preaching?against many social-injustice (e.g. racism in our society and the world overall. For example, I was looking at my Christian CD�s that I haven�t touched for awhile, and I found this cool saying in the back of one of the covers?

          Album: Erace

          This album is the musical expression of frustration

          this is not, nor was it intended to be a singularly focussed attack on any one race of people in fact it is meant to serve as an indictment for all of us, we constantly look to blame a system for our ills, when in fact the system cannot act without its human operators, and that is the essence of why this album was made. To point out the fact that we collectively and individually are the root and derivative of all human suffering no one is exempt from their sinful human nature not the white people or black people or rich people, or poor people, nor are Catholics, or Protestants, muslims, or hindus. It�s people that hate not colors or an ideology. And once we recognize this fact, we can shift our efforts on changing one thing-ourselves, we are simply called to be the progenitors of love, yet we spawn of the color war and give our children the legs to walk away from the finger pointingthe only panacea is love and we nailed that to the cross. We have a long way to go but each step we make toward change is an important one. This is our first step. erace

          �For us to focus on color in trying to solve racial injustice, would be like a doctor focusingon the symptoms of a disease rather than the disease itself, which we all know is a backwards approach to healing.? The Gotee Brothers?

          Other songs:
          �Color of Love?by D.C. Talk

          Good News UMM-Morris-World!

          As I mentioned in the beginning of this website, all types of genres of music reach all types of people. My experienced with this gave me an idea to play my boombox when I used to do the GoodNews UMM Table both at the Student Center and Food Service (a.k.a. PFM) in 99?01? It�s a tool to share the Gospel in a less direct way, like preaching publicly, to the world. Several days ago, I attended ASA�s 12th annual talent show at UMM�s Student Center. As many previous Talent Show�s (example: �Eye of the Sparrow?won first place one year!) , a seed of faith was planted through the various talents?improve drama, acousitc guitar w/vocal music (to Soldier�s �Love can wait?, and dance.

          You can find this too in the national-global scene! I�ve been observing the music industry out there and if you pay attention, they are many �seeds of faith?like �Sowing the Seeds of Love?from Tears for Fears; music out their in the popular music scene. Maybe the artists isn�t Christ-like, but who are we to judge that they are not or will be someday. Below are some examples of some of my past-current favorites:


        47. Stone Temple Piolots, "Core"-best album
        48. Pop

        49. Michael Jackson�s

        50. "Beat it"

        51. Jars of Clay
        52. *Note: Jars of Clay�s , DC Talk, Six Pence the Richer, Lenonti (back in the 80�s), and others?has had their music out there!
          UB40 Red Red Wine 1983

          "UB40's Lead Singer Releases Solo Album Running Free, the new album from UB40's frontman Ali Campbell, is a reggae-soul-pop tour de force. It features The World's Greatest Rhythm Section, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, collaborations with some legendary singers and musicians, several sublime cover versions, and the unique voice and songwriting excellence of Mr Red Red Wine himself."
        53. Whitney Houston

        54. Related Sites:
          Whitney Houston - "I Wanna Dance with Somebody"

          Greatest Love of All, from aol.com
          *Greates t Love of All
          " I believe that children are our future
          Teach them well and let them lead the way
          Show them all the beauty they possess inside
          Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
          Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be "

          I Will Always Love You
          *other genres (Gospel)

          Rock-Heavy Metal

        55. Alice Cooper, shares his newfound faith (2000) as a rock n' roll star still (80's rock star growing up! Testimonies: Jesus Jornal, Worldnetdaily,
        56. Guns N' Roses

        57. Concerts:
        58. Patience - Guns N' Roses (TOKIO), from youtube.com

        59. Videos:
          "Paradise City Guns n Roses"

          Knocking On Heaven's Door
          November Rain

        60. Warrant�s �Heaven?/li>
        61. Bon Jovi�s �Living on A Prayer?/li>
        62. Third Day
        63. P.O.D.
        64. *Note: P.O.D has also and currently out there!


        65. Masam Betha, now currently a pastor down south (saw his testimony in TBN 9/25/30)
        66. Hip-Hop

        67. MC Hammer�s �You Got to Pray Everyday?/li>-who currently is in ministry!
        68. Bones Thug�s N?Harmony�s �Crossroads?/li> -I literally thought this was a Christian group when I first came to a personal relationship with Christ. I saw their video on MTV, which they had angels and being knew to Christianity-I thought it was Godly Awesome!


        69. Michael W. Smith
        70. Mercy Me�s
          Circle of Life
          Hakuna Matata (No Worries)
          I just can't wait to be king
          -Other Artists' versions
          can you feel the love tonight
        71. Alladin

        72. "A Whole New World"

          Related Sites:
          A Whole New World (Multilanguage)
          alladin central, unofficial fan site

          Many of the Billboard�s Top 10 has been songs of love, which I realized after hearing that from a sermon-message at come Christian service I attended awhile back. Love can�t be found in materialism or any worldly thing-humans: mate, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc?because they are only temporarily and they will always dissapoint you. The real and best source of love is through a personal relationship with the Eternal Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ-personal testimony.

          Reccomended Resources



        73. House of Echoes, a local band from UMM!
        74. Clubs

        75. Club 1, on 3904 County Road 42 NE (less than a mile north of Bugga Boo Bay)
        76. Choir

        77. UMM Choir, under the direction of Ken Hodgson-nationally known!
        78. Stores

        79. Sarlettes Music 503 Atlantic Ave. Morris, MN 56267 P: 320-589-1622
        80. Talent Shows

          Annual Morris Talent Show at East Side Park, every Thursdays for 4 weeks prior to the annual "Prairie Pioneer Days" in July

        81. Alex Jacees, auditions usually start the second weekend of November for it's Dec 1st weekend "Jingle Bells Telethon"
        82. State-GoodnewsMinnesota

          GoodnewsMinnesota.info- Minnesota Music


        83. Jazz club joins growing list of St. Paul music schools, from St. Paul Pioneer Press (Thu, Oct. 23, 2003)
        84. Artists

          PRINCE -purple rain -long version-

        85. Prince & the NPG, 3121.com
        86. Prince Music at Last.fm
          " (born June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is an iconic artist, having released several hundred songs, both under his own name and through other artists. Regarded as a perfectionist, Prince is known for being highly protective of his music. He produces, composes, arranges and performs nearly all of the songs on his albums. He has been dubbed a genius due to the quality of his compositions and proficiency at various instruments. [1]"
          Purple Rain, from wikipedia
          " I never meant 2 cause U any sorrow
          I never meant 2 cause U any pain
          I only wanted one time 2 see U laughing
          I only wanted 2 see U laughing in the purple rain"

          Prince talks about Chemtrails on TV

          *see GoodnewsEverybody.com African-American Outreach & GoodnewsEverybody.com Science: Chemistry, etc...


        87. Hannah Kallio © Copyright-Hannah (Aka Emily) Kallio (885767483897) Record Label: The Lips of Sleepers cdbaby.com
        88. Marching Band Festivals

        89. Osseo Band Festival, June 28th of 2008
        90. Music Groups

        91. Africa Jam, a South African/Minnesotan group featured in Star Tribune's Sunday, Dec 26th 2004
        92. Children 18:3, local church rock band from Morris-Starbuck, MN
        93. Heaven Bound Trio, soft-music inspirational music from some town north of Alexandria, MN

        94. *referred by Judy, who oversees the group home I work at. They came to Morris on June 19th of 2004 to play for Prairie Community Services' Morris area grouphomes
        95. Firestarters from Perham, MN, have toured all over including Morris more than 4x!

        96. *they have an awesome weekly Bible Study, which my friend goes almost every other week (drives 1+ hour) and I go when I can!
        97. Jeremy Erickson, solo artist from Warroad area
        98. 3 Pete, women's contemporary group from the Twin Cities

        99. *referred by a friend-Gina
        100. We 3 Kings, rock band from Brainard area

        101. *saw them at Heritage Days (4/2/04) w/ Children 18:3 (Jesus Freak version and Creation/Evolution share was awesome)


        102. East Metro Music Academy", in Suburban Ave in St. Paul
        103. MacPhail Center for the Arts in Minneapolis
        104. Music Tech College, in downtown St. Paul
        105. Nation-GoodnewsUSA.Info


          Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline ( From "The Thank You Australia Concert" DVD)

          "Neil Diamond's 1976 tour of Australia & New Zealand sparked a nationwide frenzy. See what the fuss was about in this awesome video - a consummate showman delivering an enthralling performance."
          Neil Diamond reveals secret of Sweet Caroline, Dan Glaister in Los Angeles # The Guardian, Wednesday 21 November 2007 guardian.co.uk
          "....40 years after its release, the singer and songwriter Neil Diamond has revealed the inspiration behind the song: the Caroline in question was Caroline Kennedy, now the only surviving child of president John F Kennedy....
          ...The inspiration for the song came from a photograph of the then nine-year-old Kennedy the singer saw in a magazine while staying at a hotel in Memphis. The inspiration for the song came from a photograph of the then nine-year-old Kennedy the singer saw in a magazine while staying at a hotel in Memphis.
          "It was a picture of a little girl dressed to the nines in her riding gear, next to her pony," Diamond said. "It was such an innocent, wonderful picture, I immediately felt there was a song in there."..

        106. Yes, Neil Diamond is a Christian! | StereoTruth.net

        107. "After months and months of discussion here on StereoTruth.net I’ve finally found the answer to the question…Is Neil Diamond a Christian? This past weekend Neil played at the Glastonbury Festival in Pilton, England. This festival is best known for its contemporary music, but also features dance, comedy, theater, circus, and many other events. Over 700 acts played on over 80 stages during the three day festival.
          While looking for video of his performance at Glastonbury, I came across this live performance on the BBC where he talks in great detail about his journey with the Lord and goes on to sing a song called “Man Of God”?

          Neil Diamond Pretty Amazing Grace Glastonbury 08

          "Live From Glastonburys Pyramid Stage"
          Is Neil Diamond a Christian? Posted on | May 2, 2008 | 12 Comments cootiehog.com
          "I have to admit I fast-forwarded through Neil Diamond’s performance on Thursday night’s American Idol. However, this morning as I was getting ready for work he performed on the Today Show and this time I was able to listen to his song “Pretty Amazing Grace.? Uh. Did he convert? I know he’s Jewish ?but is it possible he has had a salvation experience? Here are the song lyrics:...



        109. "Viewers of the 47th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 13, should keep their eyes and ears open for the results in the Pop/Contemporary Gospel category. This year, Christian Native American group RainSong is up for a Grammy for their CD "Rising Son." If they win, this will be only the second time that a Christian Native artist has won a Grammy'

          Billboards Top

          TobyMac - Me Without You (Official Lyric Video)

          "Published on May 31, 2012 by TobyMacVEVO tobyMac's single, Me Without You, is available for download on iTunes! http://bit.ly/K68US8 Music video by TobyMac performing Me Without You (Official Lyric Video). (P) (C) 2012 ForeFront Records. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by EMI Christian Music Group, "

        110. TobyMac has the number one album in the United States By Ginny McCabe Special to ASSIST News Service assistnews.net

        111. "NASHVILLE, TN (ANS) -- TobyMac’s new studio project, "Eye On It" debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 this past week. It is the first time in 15 years and only the third time ever that a Christian album has topped the charts.
          “It’s my honor to write songs and even a further privilege that people choose to listen and make them part of their lives,?said TobyMac in a press release, upon hearing about the No. 1 debut. “My hope has always been that these songs would somehow remind people that though we are flawed God offers us love, hope and refuge.?
          "Eye On It," led by the No. 1 single "Me Without You," is being recognized by many as Toby’s strongest set of pop songs to date. In support of the album, TobyMac will launch a fall “Eye On It Tour?and follow that up with a “Hits Deep Tour,?which will continue throughout the holiday season.
          On Nov. 1, 1997, LeAnn Rimes ranked No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 with "You Light Up My Life - Inspirational Songs," which spent three weeks on the chart as No. 1. Prior to that, only one Christian project achieved this noteworthy status. Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses/Shades of Grace" hit number one earlier in the summer of 1997. In 2011 and 2012, other Christian artists that have come in at the No. 2 spot, include Casting Crowns, Red and David Crowder Band.
          As for TobyMac, he has claimed a spot on the chart nine times and he has been in the Top 10 three times. DC talk, the trio made up of TobyMac, Michael Tait and Kevin Max, also had five more albums on the top of the charts, including "Supernatural" in 1998, which came in at No. 4.
          For more information about TobyMac, "Eye On It" and the upcoming tour dates, visit www.TobyMac.com. Also, check out his Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/user/tobyMmusic, where Toby talks about the story behind the hit single “Me Without You.?and the bestselling track “Forgiveness,?featuring Lecrae, and more. "


        112. , how faith has influenced 12 music icons!
        113. Hip-Hop
        114. Cassette Players

          Kenwood KX-620 Demo

          Kenwood Cassette | Retro Electronics For Sale, from retroelectronics.info
          Kenwood Tape Deck Sale | Tape-Deck.BuyCheapr.com
          User Guide for Kenwood KX-620 ftp://inform.kenwoodusa.com/.../kx620.pdf , from retrevo.com


          -Cassette Converters

        115. Transfer Tape To Computer CassetteToUSB.com

        116. Convert Any Cassette Tape To Your Computer In 3 Easy Steps! $59
          What do I need to do to record audio cassettes to my computer?, columbiaisa.50webs.com
          " 1) Connect stereo audio cables from the cassette deck output to the PC audio input. ... Want to make sure the old tunes are not lost? Maybe that old cassette player is ..."
        117. Clear Click Software

        118. Audacity Audacity ~ 100% Free Free Pro Quality Audio Edition Download

        119. Ion Cassette Tape-to-MP3 Converter, walmart.com $102
        120. ION Tape Express Plus, $59.99

          -MP3 Players

        121. Sandisk Sansa 2GB Clip+ MP3 Player, Black 39.98 walmart.com

        122. Coby 4 GB 2.8-Inch Video MP3 Player with Touchscreen, FM, Stereo Speakers and MiniSD Card Slot (Black) 39.98 amazon.com

        123. Sylvania 8 GB Video MP3 Player with 2.8-Inch Color Touch Screen, Expandable Memory Slot, Built-In Speakerphone, from amazon.com

        124. SanDisk Sansa Clip 2 GB MP3 Player (Black), amazon.com $32.44

        125. *chose for my neighbor (July 25th 2011)


        126. My Rhapsody
        127. Equipment

        128. Kempke, more equipment!
        129. Groups


        130. Serving 6, official site

        131. "..is a remarkable six-member family band whose heartfelt message of hope through Christ touches people of all ages and faiths. Before Curt and Cindy even met, they were composing and singing Christian music as young individuals who each felt a strong calling of God upon their lives...
          Put this all together and we have Serving6, Six Serving One, with a sound that mimics no one, but joins individual styles to create an eclectic pop-soft-rock-strings-sound?a sound that is combined with an undeniable message that will move hearts toward Jesus and bring Hope to a hurting world."

        132. Serving 6, myspace site

        133. You Carried Me

        134. Osmond Brothers

        135. ..The Osmonds perform all styles of music from barbershop, pop, rock, country, and jazz! Their close harmonies cannot be matched by any other group. They have sold millions of albums and have several gold and platinum records to their credit. They have broken records for sell out performances once held by the Beatles and Elvis, and won numerous awards including the People's Choice Award, and Best Vocal Group and Best Show in Branson Missouri. They have a huge loyal fanbase from all over the world who have followed the Osmonds from the very beginning!
          The Osmonds are celebrating their 50th year in entertainment and they just keep getting better and better! There seems to be no end in sight! "

          "..The Osmonds' career started with a big break at Disneyland, followed quickly by regular appearances on The Andy Williams Show in the early 1960s. In the mid-60s they performed with Sweden's most popular singer Lars L�nndahl, and gained a lot of popularity in Sweden. However, their most successful period was the early and middle 1970s, when they achieved a string of chart hits."
          OLIVE Brother:
          Remembering Olive Osmond From: Provo Daily Herald, UT - May 16, 2004 Jill Fellow THE DAILY HERALD
          "..Virl Osmond said his mother taught him to have love for all of God's creations and to believe in God himself.
          "At a very young age she kneeled down with me and taught me how to pray," he said. "She taught me to love my Heavenly Father and to love my savior Jesus Christ."


          ALL STARS -Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Shakira, Mariah Carey, Usher, Boys II Men, Mýa, N Sync, Celine Dion "What more can I give?"

          "I Love This Song! Listen to it and enjoy =) Here is the lyrics Michael Jackson All Stars - What more can I give?
          Billy Gillman: How many children will have to cry, before we do all we can?...

          Miscellaneous Genres

        136. Rasputina, variety

        137. *introduced to me from Sunshine, from TX (Mar 30th of 2007)
        138. Jesus Freak Hideout: Christian MusicA-Z bands
        139. Carman, Mission 3:16-Fulfilling the Great Commission of Matt. 28
        140. Christian Concerts
        141. Christian Music
        142. Christian Music Online
        143. Crosswalk
        144. Embass Music, talent search
        145. Exultate
        146. Gotee Records, christian artists
        147. Movie Soundtracks

          Soundtrack Lyrics Source #1
          1986: Romance/War. Hanks' presence adds to this otherwise average soaper-romance, about an American flyer who falls for a Sephardic Jew (Marsillach) in WW2 Jerusalem.
          Director: Moshe Mizrahi. Cast Includes: Tom Hanks and Cristina Marsillach.-from moscow
          Margaret Fenell's, from amazon.com

        148. Listen to Everytime We Say Goodbye, from MP3
        149. Lyrics from Natalie Cole
        150. Video, from amazon.com
        151. Oldies

        152. Bobby Darin Biography, thebiographychannel.co.uk

        153. "...As a child, he suffered from severe rheumatic fever, which led to a scarred heart and an overprotective childhood. He was the focal point of a loving family who encouraged his love of music...
          After turning in powerful dramatic performances in 'Pressure Point' (1962) and 'Captain Newman MD'(1963), Darin graduated from pop personality to serious actor; in fact, he was Oscar-nominated for his work in 'Newman'. He missed out on the award to Melvyn Douglas.
          Darin continued to appear in Las Vegas and on TV through the mid-60s, and worked extensively for Robert Kennedy during his 1968 presidential campaign. During this period he appeared in episodes of 'Wagon Train' (1964), 'Burke's Law' (1965) and 'Run For Your Life' in 1966 to name but a few.
          In 1967, he asked Dee for a divorce with the actress saying at the time that he woke up one morning and no longer wanted to be married. In reality, their careers had kept them apart as Darin toured night clubs across the US. .... "

          Bobby Darin - The Great Performer -- Legends In Concert

          "Bobby Darin was a legendary entertainer and one of the most popular American big band performers. He was also a rock and roll teen idol through the late 1950s into the early '60s. In this ultimate Bobby Darin concert, the Grammy award winning singer performs hits including 'Mack The Knife,' 'Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You' and 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'. "

          Radio Stations

        154. Born Again Radio, "America's best mix of Christian music"
        155. CM Radio.net, miscellanous

        156. *found on Itunes

          Social Issues

        157. Another One Bites The Dust A personal view about the untimely death of Whitney Houston By Barry McGuire Special to ASSIST News Service Tuesday, February 14, 2012

        158. " FRESNO, CA (ANS) -- Whitney slips away to the other side of life returning to the source from which she came. What a tragedy for us, the ones she’s left behind. I can’t help but think back on my early years as a recording artist ?300 shows a year for three years in a row. Up at 5 a.m., off to the airport, five or six hours in the air, a quick check in, a shower, then off to the venue for a sound check and the show. Then back to my room around midnight for five or six hours of sleep until the next morning when it starts all over again, day after day, week after week, year after year. When we weren’t traveling, we were recording.
          If you have talent, and the music business can make money off of that talent, they will literally chew you up, swallow you whole, and when you’re finished, they’ll defecate you into a ditch on the side of the road while all the time looking for their next “meal.?
          The pressure of my schedule was crushing me, and then one day a friend turned me onto marijuana. What a relief it was to be able to mellow out, sit back, and let reality unfold. Everything was easier, funnier, and the food was tastier. The colors were brighter, and the sex was more sensual. It was a life-changer for me. What started off with one or two joints a day wound up with me smoking a half a dozen or more. By the end of the day, I would be so laid back from the grass, that I started using amphetamines to jack me up for the show. Then after the show, I’d be flying so high I’d use barbiturates to slow me down so I could get to sleep.
          Barry McGuire (far left) in the studios recording with the Mamas & the Papas. Cass Elliot is on the far right Because many of my friends were doing the same thing, I didn’t think my lifestyle was that bizarre, but then over the years, we lost so many ?Cass Elliot, Hoyt Axton, Timmy Hardin, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, John Philips, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Lenny Bruce and those are just the famous people we know of. There are dozens more whose names were never known.
          So many artists are hard-wired, manic-depressives and they use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate because they don’t want to feel the way they feel.
          Barry McGuire (left) with the New Christy Minstrels at a reunion concert Mental illness is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. So please my friends, if you know anyone lost in a world of drugs and alcohol, do everything you can to get them help.
          For me, help came through a spiritual awakening. I discovered the Christ living within me and around me. I had reached a point where I daily considered suicide, when I heard a small voice whispering within me telling me that it actually wanted me to commit suicide, but not biologically. It wanted me to die, but not physically. It assured me that if I were to totally lay down my life, just as though I had actually died, just let go and let God, that reality, itself, would lift me up, cradle me, guide me and direct me onto a life-sustaining path that was and still is beyond my ability to imagine.
          Barry McGuire during his 'rock star' days appearing on a British TV show called Ready, Steady, Go So one night in May of 1971, I did that very thing. Barry McGuire died while lying on the floor of a house filled with friends, all laughing, smoking dope, eating peyote, drinking champagne and organic orange juice. Oh yes, it had to be organic! We certainly didn’t want any of those chemicals in our orange juice?
          The next day when I woke up, I asked the little voice within me. “Now what do I do??And it told me to leave Hollywood and return to Fresno, California where my Uncle lived. He was an Armenian man who knew Christ, and had loved me since I was a little boy. That was my new beginning. That’s when I was truly born again. Just like a caterpillar dying to itself, and being birthed again as a butterfly, just as a tadpole letting go of all that it is, so it can become a new creation, and experience a whole different level of reality.
          That gift is waiting there for every man, woman and child on the planet. The tragedy is, so few of them know it. And how will they ever discover this wonderful gift of forgiveness and life, if they only see judgment streaming from Christian eyes and condemnation screaming from Christian lips? Jesus Himself said to the woman caught in the act of adultery, “Where are your accusers??And when she looked around, they were all gone. And her reply to Christ was, “There are none.?And with love-filled eyes, He gazed upon her saying, “I don’t accuse you either. Go, and sin no more.?Love never forgives because it doesn’t have to. It never takes offense and keeps no record of wrong doing.
          Barry McGuire and his wife Mari (Photo: Dan Wooding) Probably the only Christ that Whitney ever saw was the judgmental, finger-pointing, Bible-bashing, hell and brimstone fundamental Christianity that we’ve all come to think of as “the church.?How could Whitney ever be condemned for rejecting the false image of Christ that she’d been exposed to? But now, in my heart of hearts I know she is having a face to face with Love, Itself and that Love is saying to her, “I don’t accuse you either Whitney, be at peace, come, live with Me forever.?
          Anyway, that’s my take on it. I’m sure there are many different opinions, philosophies and doctrines that look at it from a totally different perspective, but we all choose the path we want to walk, and the path I’ve chosen is a path that doesn’t even recognize an offense. My mandate from God is to Love those around me. I’ve come to know that God is the Judge. Christ is the Forgiver, and all I have to do is Love those whom God brings into my life.
          This is just something to consider when you think of Whitney.


          Old Satanic Illuminati Songs

          "illuminati / freemasons brainwashing.some illuminati satanic songs from prodigy,wu tang clan and madonna.
          The all seeing eye is the mark of Anti Christ and represents the anti christ symbolically . Illuminati - The Organisation of Satan and Anti Christ Dajjal...Allmost All Secret Societies Use The Allseeingeye Mark So What it does Mean ? I will Try to Explain You According to Islam Illuminati Prepares The Foundation For The Coming of the False Messiah Anti Christ Dajjal. The All Seeing Eye is the Mark of the Anti Christ That is why the illuminati and other occult secret satanic organisations use this mark in everywhere in all films music cartoons movies events adverts ect..They make one eye seems usual and believable to the world.Dajjal is a person with magical power who will try to deceive people with telling that he is the god of the worlds.he will try to play the role of god and a lot of people will belive in him.It is the tactic ,promotion and advert for Anti Christ. they work for dajjal and try to give him and his feautures a good image Saheeh Al-Bukhari narrated that Sayedina Abdullah Ibn Omar (RAA) said that the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad peace be upon him) mentioned the Dajjaal to the people and said: ".....the false messiah (Anti christ al-Dajjaal) is one-eyed, blind or defective in his right eye, with his eye looking like a floating grape...but your god ALLAH cc is not one eyed". Masonic Organisations, called sometimes illuminati or scientology are secret underground organisations which worship the satan ,devil. their goal is to create a new world order without religion.they want to destroy the god and praying from your life and instead of creating an atheist world. There are alot of tactics which they are use. for exampe 1- thy doctrine ma that there is no god and the man hisself is the god like atheists (Allah cc tenzih ederiz) 2-they try to let man to worship everything except of god worshipping sculptures (buddhism ect.),worshipping polytheist(hinduism ect.) religions. 3-they control over media and entertainment they use it and make propaganda against religion islam and the god especially against islam! did you ever ask yourself why they attack islam ? because islam is the unique right religion of god which didnt manipulated by man satan wants mankind in the hell so be aware of him and be enemy of him , satan wants mankind in the hell so be aware of him and be enemy of him , THE HOLY QURAN ABOUT THIS CASE; Allah (God) (SWT) says, "He [Satan] said: Give me respite until the day they are raised up. [Allah] said: You are among those allowed respite. He [Satan]said: Because You have thrown me out (Of the Way), lo !, I will sit waiting for them, on Your straight path, then I will come in from before them and behind them, from their right and from their left and you will not find most of them Gratitude (for Your Mercies) ." [Quran 7:14-171] Allah cc ( God Said) : i will fill the hell with you and all of men who follow your path. be aware of them dont belive on jewish satanic media,watch " The Arrivals " and wake up !"

          Song Writing

        159. Step by Step Song Writing Tutorial & Tips for beginners., from ultimatesongwriting.com

        160. "..Step by step song writing guide.
          Want to learn how to write a song? If you're new to songwriting, here's a simple guide that you can follow.
          The Title
          When writing songs, you can simply start by thinking of a good title. The title is normally the main hook in the chorus so it should be catchy and compelling. Personally, I have found that once I have a good title, a great part of my work is already done. ..

          Talent Shows

        161. Exalting Him, on TBN
        162. Television Shows

        163. Lawrence Welk Show, from Wikipedia

        164. " A Lawrence Welk edited clip"
          *grew-up watching this as a little kid



        165. ARC Music, folk from around the world
        166. Ryythm House, spiritually driven
        167. Shanchie, various genres from all around
        168. World Music
        169. King without a crown - Matisyahu


        170. Carpenters Tools, using music as a tool to break language barriers to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ

        171. CTI Music Ministries

          " CTI works to make disciples of all nations by developing Christian leadership and character in young musicians, training them in servanthood, awareness, and the active sharing of their faith, and mobilizing them in partnership with the Church and other established Christian organizations worldwide to support mission and ministry through the impact of music."
          *see Nolan on Tour, who I've gotten to know over the years (2008-2010) at Morris through our local church

          Song Writing

          Song Writing Presentation

          "Recorded in Christ Church, Thorne Road, Doncaster England"

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          Mark Haugen has played a big role in helping me come to a growing relationship with Christ since I first met him at UMM. I really and still look up to him after his Christ-like leadership role in IVCF when I was a student-member back in the �old days?1996-1999. Mark, God has really used you to use mass-media to reach the �lost?and encourage believers in their faith-especially �Matrix?dude!

          DJ Segue At See You at the Party 00' Morris Minnesota
          "Mark Haugen "D.J. Segue" of Beautiful Day DJ's (formerly Luke Eleven Productions-does weddings, so book him up!) gets the party going at this annual youth all-night gathering (called See You at the Party, which moved to Alexandria 2 years later and would last for 5 years). "

          Today (Wednesday, September 20th 2006), I would like to add more to this site tribute to Mark and also Anna. This couple and their 2 kids (Ellie and Tabitha) will be leaving Morris in a couple of weeks (Sunday, October 1st). Tomorrow, there will be a pot-lock blessing farewell get-together for this family at East Side Park. Unfortunately, I'll not be able to attend. Instead, I would like to share some memorable moments...

          -UMM IVCF: I got to know Mark and Anna pretty good as college students through various events-Smithton Outpouring in Missouri Trip (w/Anna and others); Morris Community Church Spring Break Mission Trip to Clearbrook and Marshall; Gospel Explosion and Picnic in the Park (1st); Jericho Prayer Walk; IVCF Exec Candidates Search Prayer Committee; etc..
          -UMM Alpha & Omega
          -Summer Institute of Ministry Training School: I was classmates with Mark and Anna before they got married
          -Many Concerts-Newsboys (Fargo, ND), Sonshine Festival-Salvador! (Wilmar, MN), One Voice (Fargo, ND), Firestarters (Perham and other cities across MN), Children 18:3 (local punk rock band), Jeremy Erickson, Heart of the City (racial and church denominations in unity for Christ in the Twin Cities)etc...
          *I wasn't able to be there when Mark got on stage w/ Kirk Franklin-awesome man!
          -Weddings: Mark & Anna, Dan& Crystal (2001), Prince & Patience (2006)
          -Homegroup Bible Studies
          -some challenges or seasons in life too!

          Check out Beautiful Day DJ's (formerly Luke Eleven Productions) for your next party (e.g. Wedding Reception):

        173. youth pastor resources: christian music djs
        174. WOO)...!


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